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How Long to Roast Garlic In an Air Fryer
We're used to roasting garlic in the oven perfectly but when it comes to an air fryer, how long should you roast the garlic in it? Learn now!

Can You Take An Air Fryer On a Plane
Is it possible to take an air fryer on the plane with you? Can you carry it in both the checked and the carry-on baggage? Read now to learn!

Can You Roast Potatoes In An Air Fryer
What's the best way to roast potatoes in an air fryer? What temperature is the best and how long should you roast them? Find out now!

Can You Roast Peppers In An Air Fryer
An air fryer can cook food super quickly, but can it also roast peppers instantly for you to use in dishes? If so, then how? Learn now!

Can You Put Metal In an Air Fryer
You can cook anything in an air fryer but can you also put any kind of dishware in it? Can you put metal in your air fryer or not? Read now!

Can I Use Oven Cleaner On My Air Fryer
As air fryers and ovens work the same way, is it alright to use oven cleaner on your air fryer? Will it harm the air fryer? Find out now!

Can You Put An Air Fryer On a Wooden Surface
Will putting the air fryer on a wooden surface damage the wood? Is there any way you can keep the wooden surface safe? Learn now!

Can You Use Foil In An Air Fryer
Can you actually USE FOIL in an AIR FRYER? Is it actually hazardous or is all of that just a myth? Find out NOW!

How Long To Dehydrate Strawberries In an Air fryer
How long should you dehydrate your strawberries in an air fryer to get the best result? What temperature should you set? We have the answers!

what are the parts of an air fryer
An air fryer is a simple appliance but it does have loads of parts! Read now if you want to learn all about its different components!

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