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4 Best Granite Cookware Reviews and Buyer’s Guide!

Immad Amir
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Immad is a talented home cook and editorial director at Specially Fried. With his culinary expertise, love for gadgets and creative flair, he brings a fresh perspective to the world of food blogging.
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Amelia is the kitchen appliance expert behind Specially Fried. She thoroughly reviews the latest appliances, making sure readers have access to the best appliance insights.

best granite cookware reviews
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Cookware has a great impact on the quality and taste of food. In the quest to achieve restaurant-style shapes in food and texture, some people bring home non-stick cookware that gives them similar results. However, Teflon-coated pans are not safe. They can be toxic at either high heat or can peel causing toxic compounds to release inside your meal. In the long term, this can be very detrimental to health and can cause serious problems.

Thus, switching to granite cookware is the best option. In addition to beautiful meals, you can experience cooking with safety. After all, food is medicine, so polluting it with toxins can ruin its nutritional value.

Here are some of the best options that we have picked out for you that will improve the quality of your life and add a beautiful cooking range to your kitchen.

Rank Product name Reason to buy
1 CAROTE Granite Cookware Set Best for handling
2 CSK Granite Cookware Set Best nonstick cookware
3 KITCHEN ACADEMY Induction Kitchen Cookware Set Best for easy cleaning
4 MICHELANGELO Granite Cookware Set Best for aesthetics

Best for handling: CAROTE Granite Cookware Set

Carote non stick granite cookware-main

● Dimensions: 23.7 x 14.96 x 9.17 inches ● No. of pieces: 10
● Weight: 19.8 pounds ● Color: Classic granite
● Material: Aluminum base with Bakelite handles ● Easy to clean: Yes
● Dishwasher safe: No
Buy CAROTE Granite Cookware From
Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
+ Works on induction stoves – Food can gather at the center while cooking
+ Free of Cadmium, Lad, PFOA, and PFOS – Handles can burn
Carote non stick granite cookware unboxing

The CAROTE non-stick kitchen cookware set has an eco-friendly granite coating with non-stick Swiss grain stone material allowing for an amazing cooking experience. The set is SGS-approved and is totally free of PFOA and PFOS. This cookware set is also pretty easy to clean thanks to its amazing die-cast body; all it needs is a single swipe.

This set includes 2.3qt, 4.3qt, and 6qt casseroles with lids, a 1.5qt saucepan with lid, and 9.5-inch and 11-inch fry pans.

The CAROTE granite cookware is suitable for all kinds of stoves thanks to the magnetic conductive stainless steel bases.

Feature Analysis Performance Rating
Weight ★★★★☆
Heat insulation Moderate
Safety ★★★★★
Durability ★★★★☆
Number of accessories ★★★★☆
Easy to clean ★★★★☆
Capacity ★★★★☆

CAROTE community feedback – After testing the cookware in the kitchen!

We had a chat with various CAROTE community members about their CAROTE granite cookware and it’s safe to say that they’re absolutely in love with their purchases! CAROTE excels at crafting gorgeous non-stick cookware that is super easy to handle and provides a smooth cooking experience.

“My CAROTE set is so lightweight and fun to use. I have arthritis so I was kind of worried about carrying the pots and pans but it’s so easy.” – Emily.

Despite the great reviews, a few users commented that the handles burn and melt when the flame is high. CAROTE did say to not let the flame touch the handles however it would’ve been better if the handles were also heat resistant.

Secondly, some users saw discoloration after a couple of uses inside the cookware.

“The cookware is really good but I noticed some discoloration inside the pan. This shouldn’t be happening I suppose.” – Jess.

Discoloration is difficult to avoid after using pots and pans for a couple of years but if the flaw comes too quickly, there is an issue with the material. The good thing is that the CAROTE customer service is quick and responsive in such cases.

Buy CAROTE Granite Cookware From

Best nonstick cookware: CSK Granite Cookware Set

CSK red granite cookware set kitchen-main

● Dimensions: 24.2 x 16.5 x 14.3 inches ● No. of pieces: 16
● Weight: 20 pounds ● Color: Red
● Material: Multi-ply ● Easy to clean: Yes
● Dishwasher safe: Yes
Buy CSK Granite Cookware From
Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
+ Contains multiple layer of granite coating. Thus, it is sturdy and 100% non-stick – A bit expensive than other cookware sets available with similar specification
+ It does not contain any toxic materials like PFOA, PTFE, or lead
+ Lids are interchangeable for similar pan sizes
+ Tri-ply bottom gets hot quickly and distributes heat evenly in the pan

The CSK Nonstick set includes 3qt sauté pan with a lid, an 8” fry pan, a 10” fry-pan w/lid, 1.5qt saucepan w/lid, 3qt saucepan w/lid, 5qt stockpot w/lid, and five black nylon cooking utensils. You can cook anything on them, and they would still be relatively easy to clean. These pieces are multiple layers coated allowing heat retention and distribution. Furthermore, all the pots and pans are suitable for any stovetops in the market. It even supports induction cookers!

Another amazing aspect about the CSK Nonstick is that it has incredibly heat-resistant handles and a shatterproof lid. There are heat-resistant handles that stay cool even though the heat from the stove constantly cooks your food and spreads throughout. It will prevent any heat-related injuries that you might be at risk of otherwise. This amazing set also comes with a slotted spatula, slotted spoon, pasta server, soup ladle, and solid turner, a total of 5 cooking tools.

Feature Analysis Performance Rating
Weight ★★★☆☆
Heat insulation Moderate
Safety ★★★★☆
Durability ★★★★☆
Number of accessories ★★★★★
Easy to clean ★★★★☆
Capacity ★★★★★

KOCH community feedback – Thoughts after testing cookware in the kitchen!

After finalizing the results of our survey and testing the KOCH CSK cookware in our kitchen, we can safely conclude that this cookware is no doubt one of the best non-stick cookware in the online market.

The primary reason why this cookware is one of the best is because of its multi-ply (5-layer) granite coating that is free of any toxic elements. While testing, we tried frying an egg and cooking an omelet, and we also tried heating a bar of chocolate to check if the granite coating was actually non-stick.

For the results, we observed that the egg was evenly fried and not a single time it felt that it stuck to the frying pan. As for the omelet, it was evenly cooked, it did have a few places that got overcooked, but we believe it is a minor trade-off.

As for the chocolate, the chocolate burnt while reheating it in a pan but, it didn’t stick to the pan. In a similar incident, Jimmy says, “The burnt chocolate was moving freely on the frying pan as if it was cooking on ice.”.

Buy CSK Granite Cookware From

Best for easy cleaning: KITCHEN ACADEMY Induction Kitchen Cookware Set!


● Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 9 inches ● No. of pieces: 12
● Weight: 17.41 pounds ● Color: Black
● Material: Aluminum base with Bakelite handles ● Easy to clean: Yes
● Dishwasher safe: Yes
Buy KITCHEN ACADEMY Induction Cookware From
Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
+ Does not change the color or the scent of food upon cooking – The handles are sensitive
+ Has an aluminum core for quick heating and even cooking
+ Very aesthetically pleasing

The KITCHEN ACADEMY nonstick granite cookware set is made keeping your health in mind as it is free of all toxins such as PFOA and PTFE. Plus, the cookware does not interfere with the smell and taste of the food.

The nonstick set includes 8-inch, 9.7-inch fry pans and 9.7-inch deep frying pan with lids. You also get a 1.5qt saucepan with a lid to cover it and even a 3qt and 5qt casserole with lids. Along with that, you also get 2 nylon matching utensils.

KITCHEN ACADEMY’s granite-coated cookware set is perfectly compatible with your dishwasher. Moreover, it is very sturdy and appears so with its stone-like aesthetic and aluminum core. The core is made of aluminum which helps in fast cooking as it captures the heat and spreads it out evenly.

Feature Analysis Performance Rating
Weight ★★★★★
Heat insulation Moderate
Safety ★★★★☆
Durability ★★★☆☆
Number of accessories ★★★★☆
Easy to clean ★★★★★
Capacity ★★★★☆

KITCHEN ACADEMY community feedback – After testing cookware in the kitchen!

We got the opportunity to interview several KITCHEN ACADEMY community members to determine how well their granite cookware set was faring. The majority of the users are very happy with their purchase. They are particularly in love with how smoothly the food slides off the cookware and how evenly it cooks.

“This set is my best friend in the kitchen! The food literally slides off. I barely have to put any effort into washing!” – Chelsea.

However, a couple of users complained that the Bakelite handles came loose easily. Some users also said that the handles cracked under high temperatures.

“The handles became loose only after a few uses. I tried to tighten them using a screwdriver but it didn’t help much.” – John.

Handles are integral parts of cookware and need to be sturdy enough. KITCHEN ACADEMY needs to get rid of this flaw and utilize better materials and construction for the handles.

Buy KITCHEN ACADEMY Induction Cookware From

Best aesthetics: MICHELANGELO Granite Cookware Set


● Dimensions: 24.41 x 16.34 x 11.65 inches ● No. of pieces: 10
● Weight: 16.7 pounds ● Color: Gray
● Material: Stone ● Easy to clean: Yes
● Dishwasher safe: Yes
Buy MICHELANGELO Granite Cookware From
Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
+ Does not contain any toxic materials like PFOA and PTFE – Not sturdy. The granite coating can peel of if you rub it with a heavy hand while cleaning
+ Aluminum alloy is used to build the pots and pans. Thus, it distributes heat evenly

To cut a large amount of your cooking time, bring home MICHELANGELO granite cookware as it has a high-quality aluminum alloy body that conducts heat very quickly. This 12-piece set is your need in your kitchen. You get an 8” and 10” fry pan with a 1-quart, 3-quart, 5-quart saucepan with a lid along with it. The set also includes a 9.5-inch steamer insert. Hence, this set is complete, and you can easily use it for frying, cooking, and steaming.

MICHELANGELO is perfectly 100% free of PFOA and PTFE. Not just this, using these granite cooking pans will feel a great improvement in your health because you will not have to use as much oil or butter to keep your food from burning and sticking. MICHELANGELO has made these pots and pans flat-bottomed. Thus, this allows you to place it over any stove, whether it is glass or gas.

Feature Analysis Performance Rating
Weight ★★★★☆
Heat insulation Moderate
Safety ★★★☆☆
Durability ★★★☆☆
Number of accessories ★★★★☆
Easy to clean ★★★★☆
Capacity ★★★★☆

MICHELANGELO community feedback – Review after testing cooking in the kitchen!

After interviewing a bunch of people who were using the MICHELANGELO granite cookware set at home and testing it out in our kitchen, we can safely assume this cookware is worth having.

We cooked fried eggs and many other daily meals in these pots and pans. The results were amazing. Due to the flat bottom of these pots and pans, you can easily use them on a glass or gas stovetop. Moreover, all the tests resulted in a very fine and evenly cooked meal.

One downside of this cookware that we found is that the granite coating is not sturdy. If you try to clean these pans with a heavy hand, the granite coating can peel off.

Another misunderstanding was regarding the country where these pans were made. MICHELANGELO is a German brand; however, these pans are made in China.

“When the package arrived, it said made in China. Whereas I thought MICHELANGELO was a German brand. The name, however, is Italian. Beats me, haha…” – Ricky.

Buy MICHELANGELO Granite Cookware From

How we tested the granite cookware sets

To select the best granite cookware sets for this guide, we carried out extensive research on the most popular granite cookware sets in the market. Not only did we do personal research but we also reached out to people from the CAROTE community to collect their feedback. The sets were tested primarily on the basis of the following features:

  • Weight
  • Heat insulation
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Number of accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • Capacity

When it comes to granite cookware, the first thing one looks for is whether they are perfectly heat resistant or not. If the cookware’s handles burn or heat up too quickly, the cookware won’t be usable. Most companies suggest that the handles should be kept away from fire but testing for this specification is still vital. Therefore, we tested the sets based on their heat resistance.

Upon heating up, some pans start blackening at the bottom. This is a huge flaw and shouldn’t be present in expensive cookware. We tested for such burn marks.

Granite cookware is basically just granite coated, what actually matters is the internal base of the utensil. The sets were tested for even and quick heating at different temperatures. All the base materials were compared this way.

The weight of the sets is crucial because if the utensils are too heavy, they’ll be hard to handle in the kitchen. We measured the weights and ranked the sets accordingly.

Coated cookware tends to chip easily. We determined how scratch-proof the sets were and whether they chipped easily upon rubbing or a little rough handling. We also tested to see how easy the dishes were to clean and whether they were dishwasher-safe or not. Being dishwasher-safe is a huge pro that many buyers look for.

Finally, we checked how nonstick the sets actually were and whether their companies’ “no oil needed” claims were true. Foods like eggs, sautéed vegetables, broths, spaghetti, and fried rice were made in the sets to check for non-stick abilities and even heating.

Finally, we also took into account the number of accessories in each set. The more the merrier!

Best Granite Cookware Buyer’s Guide

We have compiled a thorough guide discussing important points regarding what to look out for when purchasing the best granite cookware set! Keeping in mind the utensils you need is the starting point and making sure that your set is non-stick and toxin-free is something that everyone must do. But what are the other details that most of us look over when purchasing a brand-new cookware set? We’ve listed all of them below for your convenience!

Size, capacity, and weight of granite cookware

When looking for the perfect set of granite cookware, one of the first things you should look out for includes the sizes of the pots and pans in the set. Some sets offer small-sized pots and pans, others offer a wide range of sizes, while some deal with larger utensils. Make sure to thoroughly go through the sizes and have a ruler scale or inch tape at hand to compare the sizes mentioned here, with the pans and pots you already own, for reference.

Secondly, the capacity of the casseroles is important too. You must also go through the sizes mentioned in order to identify what suits your requirements best. In the products mentioned above, you can find all sorts of sizes and capacities in regard to the specific utensils.

Finally, the weight of the pots and pans is something you must never overlook. The weight determines how easy it will be to handle these utensils. Some sets are built thicker than the others with heavier bases which makes it hard to hold them when they’re full of food. If you find it difficult to carry heavy things, then make sure to get a set that is on the lighter side.

Granite cookware performance. Why granite cookware is better?

The nonstick capabilities of your cookware should be given due importance. Most granite stone cookware contains amazing porcelain coating technology. It is an incredible feature that helps in preventing food from sticking to your cookware. Thus, helping the user cook faster and clean faster as well. Not only would you be able to save your energy but your precious time too.

However, if you are worried that the porcelain coating may actually hamper the quality of the food, worry not. The coating allows the dishes to preserve both the smell and taste of your food whilst also aiding you through their nonstick duties. We advise you to prefer a granite cookware set with similar or better performance capabilities.

Heat resistance

Another integral aspect of a granite cookware set is the heat resistance it provides. Although it may seem weird to ask this question since you need a set that can transfer heat so you can cook more delicious food, the resistance is vital for you to maneuver the set. Although most sets already come with handles with insulation material, it is vital to note which set uses the better material. Wood, rubber, and other insulation materials all have different properties.

Depending on your cooking style, you may need to buy yourself some extra protection when handling your cookware set. As mentioned before, the handles that come with most cookware sets are more than capable of handling the heat. However, getting yourself some Kevlar Gloves or mittens is never a bad option. Extra protection will always ensure that you do not befall an accident in a kitchen. It is a very dangerous place to mishandle something hot and with the added protection, you will be more than assured that no such events occur.

Safety aspects of granite cooking utensils

Another integral aspect that you should take into consideration when buying your ideal cookware set is safety. No matter how good a product is, safety should always be prioritized first. To differentiate between dangerous lies and genuine products, we are here to make sure you choose responsibly.

The first point to consider is also an important feature to consider when choosing your ideal cookware. There is no compromise on health and safety and to see to that, you would need to look out for three things. PTFE, PFOA, and Lead. These are the three things you do not want anywhere near your granite cookware. To give you an example, Lead has been scientifically proven to cause mental degradation in children and other disabilities in adults as well. The cheapest option can certainly cost you your health, life, and so much more including your loved ones.

In order to avoid such a fate, you have to choose cookware that does not include any of the aforementioned substances. They are toxic chemicals that, one way or another, lead to health complications. You are better off without them. To find such amazing granite cookware sets that do not include these, you can check out our recommendations above! However, if that does not fit your groove, there are many boastful cookware out here that state whether they have these chemicals or not.

Durability of granite non-stick cooking utensils

Durability is another important factor to consider when dealing with a variety of cookware sets. You would expect most granite cookware sets, as the name suggests, to be durable. To be perfectly honest, most of them are. However, some are prone to damage by certain human-caused accidents more than others. If granite stone cookware is dropped, it can, in most cases, lead to chipping.

Chipping is not the only annoying problem. Another issue is the wearing off of the granite coating. This can happen due to extensive or prolonged heating sessions with the same cookware, allowing the coating to come off. It is not a big issue but sometimes the coating itself can be poisonous, provided you did not follow our safety precautions listed above.

Another reason why you should be extra careful about your set’s durability is to make the purchase profitable. Even if you buy the cheapest set possible, having it wear and break down on you on the very next day is far from a profit. Thus, by ensuring that you get a set with relatively good durability, you will be able to make the best out of your desired product.

FAQs to help you buy the best granite stone cookware!

Why should I buy a granite cooking set instead of iron-core cookware?

There are many benefits of buying a granite cookware set over a non-stick one because non-stick is mostly made of an iron core. It is vulnerable to rusting, and it has the kind of coating that has toxins and can poison your food slowly.

Compared to that, granite is made of an aluminum core and is much healthier because of the small use of oil, less weighted center, and free of toxins.

Thus, buying granite cookware is a better option because it is durable, long-lasting, and healthier than non-stick.

What are the benefits of non-stick cookware?

There are numerous benefits of non-stick cookware

  1. You can easily clean non-stick cookware as your food doesn’t stick to the surfaces much and tosses right off the surface.
  2. The texture of your food remains stable, and because of an absence of sticking, it seems more evenly cooked than burned.

Is ceramic and granite cookware the same?

If you look at the basics then both ceramic and granite cookware are not that much different, but in some areas, granite has more benefits than ceramic cookware and vice versa. Though you can get a very wide range of colors, designs, and retention in ceramic cookware, there are some issues that you won’t find in granite cookware, like the peeling of layers which is common in ceramic cookware.

As we have discussed, peeling can expose food to cookware material, and it proves harmful from time to time. There are no such problems in granite other than stove compatibility.

Is granite toxic like other cookware?

No, it is not. People know granite cookware as ‘granite’ because of its chalky appearance, it has nothing to do with it actually being granite. It is basically a stainless steel core covered with a glass coating. Thus it doesn’t poison any food, and you can safely cook and store food in it.

What is the best granite cookware range?

We have covered many good granite cookware sets in this review, but if we had to recommend one. It would be Kitchen Academy’s Induction Kitchen Cookware Set. It is a 12-piece set and has many useful features to help you out in the kitchen while also making delicious and toxin-free food.

Final thoughts on the best granite cookware reviews!

There you go, We have covered a lot of granite sets in our review, and they are all classified based on what you would want in your kitchen, from the nutritional value of food up to smaller things like calorie saving and the design of the cookware.

We hope you liked our selection and have your eye set on one of the sets to add to your kitchen. If so, do let us know in the comments below and tell us about your favorite set.

We love hearing your feedback! Happy cooking.

Immad Amir
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Immad is a talented home cook and editorial director at Specially Fried. With his culinary expertise, love for gadgets and creative flair, he brings a fresh perspective to the world of food blogging.
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Amelia is the kitchen appliance expert behind Specially Fried. She thoroughly reviews the latest appliances, making sure readers have access to the best appliance insights.

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