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49 Must-Have Kitchen Items!

Immad Amir
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Immad is a talented home cook and editorial director at Specially Fried. With his culinary expertise, love for gadgets and creative flair, he brings a fresh perspective to the world of food blogging.
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Amelia is the kitchen appliance expert behind Specially Fried. She thoroughly reviews the latest appliances, making sure readers have access to the best appliance insights.

49 Must-Have Kitchen Items!
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Setting up a kitchen can be tedious especially when there are hundreds of kitchen appliances and utensils to choose from. Specially Fried is always keen to bring new and informative content to your table so you never fall short of all the opportunities this modern world offers you. So, that’s why I have compiled this in-depth article on the essential kitchen utensils’ names and uses!

This list of kitchen equipment will help you purchase all the vital utensils you will ever need in your kitchen experience all at once. After reading this guide you’ll have a broad understanding of all the types of kitchen equipment as well as know where to best use them!

So, let’s quickly jump into the long list of 49 kitchen utensils and equipment. Make sure you grab a paper and pencil because you’re about to find a few eye-openers down below. Stay tuned!

This list contains all the 49 minimalistic products I believe you must have in your kitchen to avoid any type of hassle. These products will offer you a smooth and enjoyable kitchen experience so make sure you jot down the utensils you deem fit for your kitchen. Let’s start!

Part 1: List of kitchen preparation tools

  1. Heavy-duty measuring spoons
  2. Hudson’s measuring cups for accuracy
  3. A set of chef’s knives and a sharpener
  4. Chopping board on a budget
  5. Colander
  6. Bottle opener
  7. Veggie peeler
  8. Budget-friendly mixing bowls
  9. Shears for cutting
  10. Potato masher
  11. Garlic press
  12. Whisk
  13. Citrus juicer
  14. Bread knife
  15. Kitchen knife
  16. Honing steel
  17. Salad spinner
  18. Grater

1. Heavy-duty measuring spoons

You will be using measuring spoons to cook any dish you can possibly imagine. These spoons have markings on them which comes in handy whenever you’re following a specific recipe and it requires you to add specified measurements of ingredients to your meal.

You can use these spoons to measure small amounts of solids or liquids. These heavy-duty feature 6 different measuring spoons. You can use these spoons to measure 1/8, ¼, ½, ¾, 1 teaspoon, and 1 tablespoon.

These are the best available stainless-steel heavy-duty measuring spoons on Amazon today. Check them on Amazon now or add them to your kitchen utensils and equipment list right now! 

2. Hudson’s measuring cups for accuracy

When was the last time you poured extra baking powder than required while baking a cake in your kitchen? Such cooking miscalculations occur daily, but if you have the right kitchen utensils and equipment, these errors can be avoided. 

Measuring cups can assist you in cooking tasty food, particularly where you must add ingredients accurately. These stainless-steel measuring cups will be your pal during intense baking hours where precision and accuracy are the keys. Does your kitchen utensil list include measuring cups? Make sure to add them!

Get this set of 11 measuring cups from Amazon at a reasonable price. This product has over 500 positive reviews and the seller ships in almost every part of the United States. Visit Amazon to check the price now!

3. A set of chef’s knives and a sharpener

Chop veggies or pieces of meat using a set of chef’s knives. The chef’s knife is a must-mention in my essential kitchen utensils names and uses list because a kitchen isn’t complete without it.

Using these knives, you can chop every type of meal comfortably. This set includes a knife sharpener which you can use to sharpen your knife every time before use!

This set of 7 cutlery stainless-steel knives along with a knife sharpener is available on Amazon. Surprisingly, this product has over 12,000 orders and ranks amongst the top knife sets available on Amazon! Hurry up, the stock is limited so go check it out asap before it’s too late!

4. Chopping board on a budget

A chopping board is the next most significant kitchen utensil right after a chef’s knife. During your kitchen hours, you will be chopping the ingredients of your cuisines on a chopping board. Thus, you must ensure your chopping board is durable and easily washable.

Our recommendation features a set of 3 chopping boards made from pure Bamboo that’ll remind you of nature every time you use it. This chopping board has over 1,000 positive reviews and one of the best ratings on Amazon. Add this to your list of kitchen equipment if you haven’t already! 

Visit Amazon to check this Bamboo chopping board right now before the seller runs out of stock.

5. Colander

Before researching this essential kitchen utensil’s name and uses guide, I referred to the colander as a big bowl with holes in it. Belonging to a non-native English background, I recently found out this kitchen utensil is called a colander.

During your cooking session, you might use a colander to wash or drain greens before topping or adding them to your food.

The PriorityChef colander is a stainless-steel durable colander that’s built for easy handling and draining. This large base colander is all you need to refresh your greens. Visit Amazon now and check this colander now!

6. Bottle opener

As the name suggests, this kitchen utensil is useful when you can’t open that pesky glass bottle with a metal cap. For me, this is the only utensil in my kitchen preparation tool list that brings me joy whenever I use it.

A bottle opener is a must-have especially if it’s as cool as the OXO 3112700 bottle opener. This stainless-steel can opener is all you need to instantly open any annoying soda bottle that refuses to open without a fight!

The OXO bottle opener is available on Amazon at a budget-friendly price. This product has over 600 positive reviews. Add this item to your kitchen utensils and equipment list so you don’t forget to buy it for your kitchen!

7. Veggie peeler

Peeling veggies can consume a lot of your time. That’s why a veggie peeler is an essential utensil in my types of kitchen equipment list. From potatoes to cucumbers, a veggie peeler can peel off every kind of vegetable right away.

This kitchen preparation tool saves you time and energy which you can use doing other tasks in your kitchen. So, consider adding this wonderful veggie peeler to your kitchen utensils and equipment list right now!

You can buy my favorite veggie peeler from Amazon by clicking its title. My pick has 1300+ positive ratings and it is the best seller on Amazon! So, add it to your cart if you love it.

8. Budget-friendly mixing bowls

Do you love eating salad with your main course? Well, then you definitely need a set of mixing bowls. You can use these to mix vegetables for your salad, and different spices for your dish, or you can mix a variety of sauces to create your very own unique sauce.

Check out this amazing set of mixing bowls. These are some of the best sellers on Amazon with the highest rating. You will enjoy mixing your ingredients in these stainless-steel mixing bowls. Hit the link to learn more details on Amazon!

9. Shears for cutting

Shears can ease your kitchen experience. In a kitchen, you might need shears to stripe-cut vegetables or small herbs. Moreover, you can use these to cut whole chicken as well. Shears can honestly help you on a lot of different occasions.

These KitchenAid shears are amongst the best sellers on Amazon. Make sure you check them out! 

10. Potato masher

Do you like mashed potatoes with your steak or any other cuisine? Then a potato masher is a handy kitchen tool you might need. Besides potatoes, you can mash pumpkins, yams, carrots, and much more.

I handpicked this dishwasher-safe potato masher that’s one of the best sellers on Amazon. Surprisingly, this product comes with a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about replacing this product ever!

11. Garlic press

A garlic press may or may not be an essential item on your kitchen utensils and equipment list. However, if playing with garlic is not your thing then you should consider buying a garlic press.

If you are planning to buy a garlic press, the ZYLISS garlic press is my number 1 recommendation. This kitchen tool has a sleek design and allows you to squeeze the garlic without peeling it. The ZYLISS garlic press can make your life super easy! Visit Amazon and check it out right now!

12. Whisk

A whisk is a simple yet one of the most useful kitchen tools on this list. If you love frying eggs for your breakfast or love baking, a whisk is an essential tool you’ll need along the way.

After researching the top-quality brands, Specially Fried proudly presents to you the OXO Good Grips 9-inch whisk. This product happens to be dishwasher-safe. Now, there’s no need to worry about cleaning your whisk every time after use. For more details, visit Amazon now!

13. Citrus juicer

Juicing a lemon or an orange can be a pain in the butt especially when you don’t have the right tools in your kitchen. Using bare hands means your hands will get covered in juice or the seeds of lemon or orange will fall in your food. Either way, it’s a hassle that needs a quick fix.

Introducing the OXO citrus juicer. This cheap yet handy tool has markings on it that will help you calculate exactly how much juice you need for your meal. Go visit Amazon now and learn more about this impressive kitchen utensil!

14. Bread knife

A bread knife is different from the usual knife. This knife is serrated which helps it to cut bread and other delicate food items easily. The main use of a bread knife is obvious. It is used to CUT BREAD!

On my kitchen utensils names and uses list, the Mercer’s bread knife is an honorable mention. This product has the best reviews and the highest purchases on Amazon. Can you guess why? Well, the ergonomic handle and out-class quality Japanese steel are the two distinctive features that make this bread knife unique from the rest! Buy this product now before it’s too late!

15. Kitchen knife

This knife is found in every kitchen in the US. A kitchen or a paring knife is used to peel off the skin of vegetables, chop food items, and carry out multiple kitchen tasks that require a sharp tool.

For my types of kitchen equipment list, I closely inspected dozens of kitchen knives and found the Mercer 3-inch knife to be the best. The Mercer knife comes with a lifetime warranty so you can honestly forget about having issues with this product once you buy it! View this product on Amazon now!

16. Honing steel

Your kitchen utensils can last a lot longer than you think if you take care of them. Taking great care of your kitchen utensils is your job and you should be well-equipped to fulfill it. Similarly, it’s your duty to sharpen your knife whenever it starts causing problems while cutting or chopping.

That’s why a kitchen expert needs honing steel. A honing steel is used to sharpen knives with unaligned edges. The Utopia Kitchen honing steel is by far the best honing steel available on the internet today. This tool can realign the un-sharp edges of the knife quickly as well as make your knife’s edges razor sharp! So, head over to Amazon and check more details of this product if you’re interested in buying it!

17. Salad spinner

The easiest way to enjoy a dry and amazing salad is by spinning your greens in a salad spinner. Trust me, nobody likes eating soggy salad and that’s why a salad spinner is essential kitchen equipment for all the salad lovers out there!

Check this Cuisinart stainless-steel salad spinner on Amazon now. This handy salad spinner is easy to wash and can easily dry up to 5 quarters of salad in a single go!

18. Grater

During your kitchen journey, you will need to shred cheese, citrus, ginger, and many more food items as toppings on your cuisines. What’s the best way to shave ingredients than a grater?

Shave your cheese and any other food ingredient in this best-selling grater that’s available on Amazon. The Deiss Pro grater is built to last and is easy to use. Use the ultra-sharp blades on this grater to shave Parmesan cheese, lemon, ginger, garlic, and much more. Visit Amazon to view this product now!

Part 2: Cookware and bakeware

  1. Skillet
  2. Cute little saucepan
  3. Sauté pan
  4. Medium-size saucepan
  5. Heavy-duty cooking pot
  6. Grill pan for sweet’ol grill marks
  7. Broiler pan
  8. Baking sheet pan
  9. Muffin pan
  10. Casserole dish

19. Skillet

A skillet in a kitchen is like a light in a dorm. You cannot do anything in a dorm without a light. Similarly, you cannot cook anything without a skillet. During your kitchen hours, you will need a skillet for frying, sautéing, searing, and browning. Since skillets are excessively used in a kitchen, it’s vital that your skillet has a durable body and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Cuisinart 722-30G Chef’s Classic Skillet is Specially Fried’s top pick which is available on Amazon! This skillet is dishwasher-safe and has a stainless-steel finish. Use it to cook your meals at high temperatures without worrying about damaging the cookware!

20. Cute little saucepan

Saucepans are useful for cooking quick and lightweight dishes like pasta, sauces, soups, stews, and much more. Since these are easy to carry and have a long-lasting durable body, you can use them for daily kitchen dishes as well. Just make sure your saucepan is non-stick because it eases your cleaning experience.

The Cuisineart MultiClad saucepan is all you need for cooking delicious recipes. This stainless-steel cookware will cook any cuisine in a jiffy without leaving any burnt or cooking stains on it. So, head up to Amazon and bring these cuties home!

21. Sauté pan

Skillets and Sauté pans are two very different things. Don’t confuse them. Sauté pans have longer sides and a wider base that helps the chef cook sauces or any other liquid meals.

After searching hundreds of Sauté pans on Amazon, I’m proud to find one of the best Sauté pans available on the internet! From hardcore interior to durable exterior, the CuisineArt Sauté pans has it all! Go check more details on Amazon and add this wonderful cookware to your list of kitchen equipment now!

22. Medium-size saucepan

Your saucepans must follow a similarly sleek design to maintain consistency. That’s why I recommend using the same brands for your set of saucepans.

This Cuisineart 3-quarter saucepan will compliment your kitchen’s design as well as help you ease your kitchen experience. Use this 3-quarter saucepan to cook liquid foods in large quantities for a family gathering. View this product by clicking the link for more details!

23. Heavy-duty cooking pot

What cookware can handle cooking food for dozens of people? A heavy-duty cooking pot for sure. At times you will encounter situations when a medium-sized saucepan is not enough to handle the large quantity of food you must prepare for an enormous gathering. 

Thus, I recommend you buy a heavy-duty stainless-steel cooking pot. The Cuisineart 12-quarter cooking pot will definitely lay the immense cooking pressure off your shoulders. So, why have second thoughts? Buy this amazing cookware before it is too late!

24. Grill pan for sweet’ol grill marks

Do you love grill marks on your food? Well, who doesn’t? Grill pans have recently claimed the spotlight ever since these utensils came into the market. Besides, the grill pan can be your favorite kitchen utensil if you don’t own a barbeque.

This pan will help you grill steaks, meatballs, burgers, sandwiches, and much more. So, get your hands on the Cooks Standard grill pan that has a premium design quality to last a lifetime. That’s why it’s my top pick! Head to Amazon now before you miss an opportunity for this impressive grill pan.

25. Broiler pan

Another essential on the list of kitchen utensils names and uses is the broiler pan. During your kitchen routine, you will need a broiler pan to cook food at extremely high temperatures. Moreover, if you’re a fan of brown cuisines, you’ll be glad to know that this pan ensures equal browning.

I found the Wilton non-stick broil pan on Amazon to be my favorite. This non-stick pan has a durable glass build that can easily withstand high temperatures. The Wilton non-stick broil pan is low on stock. Make sure you purchase it as soon as possible so you don’t have to wait until the new stock arrives!

26. Baking sheet pan

If you’re a fan of baking then you probably know why a baking sheet pan is significant. While working in the kitchen, you’ll need a baking sheet pan to bake flat products like bread rolls, swiss rolls, cake sheets, and yummy cookies. This minimalistic kitchen utensil will ease your baking experience while keeping you on a budget.

The baking sheet pan I advise you to buy is the Nordic 2-sheet pack. These aluminum-built two baking sheets are a wonderful conductor of heat. Thus, these sheets ensure quick and efficient baking. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your baking sheets from Amazon today! 

27. Muffin pan

Do you know the muffin man? Yes, you. Do you know the muffin man? Did that ring a bell? If you had a joyful flashback, I’m glad to trigger it. (It was a dialogue from Shrek)

Anyways, a muffin pan is another handy kitchen utensil on my types of kitchen equipment list. A muffin pan has small cup slots in a thin metal sheet in which you bake MUFFINS!

In my point of view, the best muffin pan that’s available on Amazon is the Wilton 12-cup non-stick bakeware. I love this muffin pan because the company offers a 10-year warranty on a dishwasher-safe premium pan. This takes care of all my worries without leaving me with the hassle of manually cleaning the pan after baking cute little muffins. You can buy a Wilton 12-cup bakeware from Amazon by clicking the link in the title!

28. Casserole dish

Have you ever seen these long dishes in which you serve the delicious food you spend hours cooking? These are called casserole dishes and every kitchen needs this cookware.

I hand-picked this OXO casserole dish with a safety lid just for you. This product features a 3-quarter deep dish with a safety lid to prevent spills. Moreover, this OXO casserole dish is microwaveable and dishwasher-safe. What else can you possibly want from a casserole dish? If you like it, purchase it from Amazon as soon as possible!

Part 3: Cooking utensils and kitchen tools

  1. Slotted spoon
  2. SpongeBob’s favorite: Spatula
  3. Tongs
  4. Stirring spoons
  5. Splatter guard
  6. Mitts for your oven
  7. Thermometer
  8. Ladle
  9. Trivet

29. Slotted spoon

Have you ever suffered a burn from the liquid while transferring something out of the pan? If so then that was the last time with this magical cooking utensil. Removing items from your pan is made easy with the slotted spoon. Use it whenever you want to separate solids from the yummy juices you prepare with so much effort.

According to our research, the OXO steel slotted spoon is the best of the best. The stainless steel on the material of this spoon ensures durability while the insulative grip prevents the spoon from slipping out of your hand. If you like this recommendation then check this utensil on Amazon now!

30. SpongeBob’s favorite: Spatula

A spatula has a wide flat blade with vertical slots. Normally, a spatula is used while frying, flipping, or turning food. You may also use a spatula to mix ingredients although it’s not recommended.

Many spatulas caught my eye while researching on Amazon but the KitchenAid spatula claimed the number one spot on my list. Surprisingly, this black nylon spatula can withstand extremely high temperatures (up to 232°C) without melting. Furthermore, the large turner allows easy food to turn. I can’t believe how much spatulas have evolved in the past few years. You should consider buying a modern designed spatula from Amazon today!

31. Tongs

A pair of tongs in your kitchen drawer is a must. While cooking, you will need these to flip meat or veggies. Before you buy a pair of tongs on Amazon just ensure its tips are made from silicone to prevent scratching of your food.

If you’re considering buying a pair of tongs then I suggest you buy the StarPack set of 9 and 12-inch tongs. These have silicon tips and can withstand temperatures up to 480°F. Check these budget-friendly tongs on Amazon for more details.

32. Stirring spoons

Mixing ingredients is always fun especially when they release the mouth-watering aroma. How can you mix ingredients without stirring spoons? In your kitchen, use a set of stirring spoons to blend sauces, and other liquids to obtain a delightful flavor.

Control the taste of your cuisines with a set of long-handle stirring spoons available on Amazon. These stainless-steel spoons will complement your small and medium saucepan design and comfortably stir your liquids without burning your hands. Make sure to check these on Amazon!

33. Splatter guard

Ever suffered a burn from spills and splatters of boiling liquids? That’s why a splatter guard is essential in our kitchen utensils and equipment guide.

I’ve been using this spill guard for more than 2 years and I have absolutely no complaints regarding it. The sleek handle and the durable material were all I needed and that’s what I got when I purchased the BergKoch splatter guard. This can help in your kitchen as well. Visit Amazon for more details!

34. Mitts for your oven

Tackle hot temperatures with a pair of oven mitts. During cooking, you will have to deal with hot saucepans, pots, or any other utensil in which you’re cooking or pouring food. So, to prevent your hands from burning you need a pair of mitts.

These Frux oven mitts are great at handling temperatures up to 500 °F. Maintain a good grip using these oven mitts that are available on Amazon right now!

35. Thermometer

Cooking food requires precision. To prepare splendid cuisines you need to eliminate guesswork. Especially while cooking meat, you cannot always guess when your meat is ready to be served.

If your kitchen cooks a lot of meat then you need a thermometer that can notify you of the exact temperature of your food so you can estimate the doneness of it. Visit Amazon to view details of my top recommended ultra-fast kitchen thermometer now!

36. Ladle

Pouring liquids for serving can be tedious if you do not have the right tools. A ladle is specially designed to transfer liquids. This tool is a uniquely designed spoon with a large base to hold large quantities of liquids at once.

Buy the KitchenAid nylon ladle following my recommendation. It has a 3-inch wide base that can carry a large volume of liquids at once. You can view more details of this product by heading over to Amazon!

37. Trivet

Handling hot pots and saucepans is not easy. Hot pots can easily damage your countertop or table if you place them directly on them. That’s why a kitchen needs trivets to handle hot cooking utensils.

I’ve been using these bamboo trivets for the past few months and I have no complaint. You can buy a set for your kitchen from Amazon as well!

Part 4: Essential kitchen appliances

  1. Blender
  2. Immersion blender
  3. Kitchen scale

38. Blender

Slicing and blending various solids or liquids is a need in every kitchen. That’s why every kitchen requires a powerful blender. During your kitchen routine, you will need a blender while cooking every cuisine you can think of.

At Specially Fried, I’ve tested and experimented on multiple blenders but for me, the best durable blender is the Ninja Professional. This 6-blade blender has a 1000-watt energy output that’s feasible to crush any ingredient. You can blindly trust the Ninja Professional blender as it’s the best option when you’re on a budget!

39. Immersion blender

Cannot transfer your ingredients into another container for blending? That calls for an immersion blender that’s specifically designed to blend food items in the pot they’re been cooked. From whipping cream to blending sauces or mayonnaise an immersion blender is what you need to get things done ASAP without changing containers!

I recently bought the Mueller immersion blender since it was the best seller on Amazon. Honestly, I’m happy to buy this appliance for my kitchen as it completes all my tasks easily. The best thing I love about this blender is it’s easy to clean. For more details, you can visit Amazon now!

40. Kitchen scale

Say goodbye to ruined cuisines. With this kitchen scale, you can measure the quantities of every ingredient to ensure you’re following the recipe to the core. Precision is the key while cooking and with a kitchen scale at your side, there’s no stopping you!

I recommend buying the Ozeri kitchen scale from Amazon. This modern designed scale can measure up to 5100 grams while giving a 1-gram precision. Moreover, you can switch between units while taking readings from its LED display. Learn more about this wonderful kitchen scale by clicking the link and visiting Amazon!

Part 5: Few forgotten but useful kitchen utensils

  1. Dish racks
  2. Food storage containers
  3. Sponges
  4. Aluminum foil
  5. Ice cube tray
  6. Towel
  7. Trash bin
  8. Trash bag
  9. Parchment paper

41. Dish racks

Washing dishes is a chore and honestly, no one likes doing dishes. Well, not me at least. There are so many annoying things happening whenever I start cleaning dishes, especially the water dripping from every dish. That’s why I bought the KitchenAid full-sized dish rack for my kitchen.

This satin-coated dish rack helps me rinse as well as organize dishes easily. You can consider buying a dish rack for your kitchen if you also hate dripping dishes. This Kitchen Aid dish rack is available on Amazon so check it out now!

42. Food storage containers

Preserving food is equally significant to cooking food as it prevents excessive food wastage. You will need food storage containers for storing food in your fridge or taking lunch to your office. A set of high-quality food storage containers can come in handy throughout your day.

My favorite pick is Rubbermaid food containers. This set of 10 containers will definitely get your money’s worth. Pack food in these thick-walled containers that have an air-tight lid that keeps moisture and humidity away from your food. Go buy this amazing food container set from Amazon now!

43. Sponges

Sponges are one of the top cleaning accessories you might want in your kitchen. Usually, people buy a single type of sponge without knowing its use. Sponges are used to clean dishes, soak water, remove pet hair, and much more. Depending on the type of sponge you purchase its usage varies.

For your kitchen, you should get a kitchen sponge that’s great for soaking water or lubricated soap for washing dishes. Scotch-Brite is the best-selling kitchen sponge available on Amazon. Its non-scratch texture works well while washing dishes. Visit Amazon to learn more details!  

44. Aluminum foil

Have you ever seen food wrapped in shiny foil that boosts the cuisine’s appearance as well as keeps it warm for a longer time? Aluminum foil was essential and I thought it must have a spot on my list of kitchen equipment. 

You can use this wonderful foil to clean, cook, protect, or steam your food. There are countless ways of using aluminum foil. According to me, the best non-stick coating aluminum foil on Amazon is the Reynolds Wrap. You can check more details of it by clicking the link!

45. Ice cube tray

To a casual person, an ice tray might not seem like much of a big deal when we talk about “kitchen essentials” but believe me, ice trays are a HUGE necessity. You must be thinking “Hey, I do have the ice tray that came along with my fridge/freezer, it’ll do the job”, well, you might want to reconsider that. The ice trays that come along with your fridge/freezer are just side accessories.

According to my experience, those ice trays aren’t flexible at all and you have to bang and twist them a couple of times to get the poor ice cubes out. Well, it’s time to invest in some good ice trays then. Don’t worry! They’re not expensive at all!

Kitch Ice Trays, coming in a pack of two, are the knights in shining armor we need! Made using FDA-approved materials, these ice trays are both healthy and flexible for use. Just give the tray a slight twist to get the ice cubes out and voila! No hassle at all! You can even stack these awesome trays over each other, what else do you need? Order now on Amazon.

46. Towel

Kitchen towels are a must-have when it comes to drying the dishes, dusting the counter, or cleaning up spills. They’re also a really good substitute for paper tissues/towels, just clean up your mess and wash the kitchen towels to use them next time!

Personally, I’d like to recommend Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels. What I absolutely love about these towels is that they’re made using 100% natural cotton, and they get even more absorbent after continuous use! Best of all, they don’t leave scratches on your dishes, and you can easily wash them in the machine. They’re my preference, I bet they’ll become yours too! Click on the link to check them out on Amazon now!

47. Trash bin

What’s a kitchen without a trash bin? One can simply not go a day in the kitchen without a trash bin! You need someplace to throw all those peels and wrappers. Well, get a trash bin then!

AmazonBasics Trash bin is super convenient for all kitchens. The stainless steel durable outside makes sure that the bin remains sturdy at all times. Plus, the inside has enough space to not spill any trash. Just keep your foot down on the press to open the bin up!

Also, you can even keep the lid up for a longer period by just moving the lid into an upright position! Pretty useful, right? It’s just a simple bin packed to the brim with convenience for you. Check it out on Amazon!

48. Trash bag

In my super long list of kitchen equipment, trash bags are a huge priority! You can’t have a nice clean and smell-free kitchen without some good old trash bags.

Dumping your trash directly into the trash bin is a really bad habit. Not only will it make it difficult for you to empty the bin, but it would also make the bin, and its surrounding area, smelly.

So, give Solimo Multi-purpose drawstring trash bags a try, today! The best thing about these bags is the drawstrings that’ll help you handle the full trash bags super easily, plus the capacity and their being odorless are no joke! Get them on Amazon today!

49. Parchment paper

If you’re into baking then you must’ve heard about parchment paper. If not, then what’s Specially Fried for? Parchment paper is a thin sheet of non-stick paper that’s used over baking trays and such in order to easily separate food from the tray when it’s cooked.

Usually, the food sticks to the tray, making it hard to peel it off. Parchment paper, with its ability to withstand high temperatures, works as the perfect separation.

SMARTAKE’s Parchment paper sheets are my personal favorite! They’re completely free of any harmful chemicals or smells, plus they’re pre-cut! That means no tearing issues at all. These sheets arrive in a lovely slim box, stacked perfectly over each other, and ready to use. Order them now on Amazon!


We hope you loved our huge list of kitchen utensils and equipment that are crucial for working perfectly in the kitchen. All these items have been carefully reviewed and picked for your convenience! Go visit Amazon now to get these super awesome products today!

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